Finding love after your relationship ends using online dating…

Are you in your middle years and feeling like the rules have all changed?

This website is directed at those in their middle years who are interested in dating once again, and for those of you who are facing the challenges of online dating. At this time in life, many people have had struggles in their past relationships and as a result have fears about re-entering into a new relationship. There are lots of risks in this season of life that were not present in past seasons. Online DatingThere may be relationships with kids and possible grandkids which are at stake, financial portfolios including pensions to be considered, lifestyles that may be quite satisfying as they are, and health risks, or other more personal risks to take into consideration which were not present in the younger years. The days and years of your life are now meaningfully counted in a way that they were not when you were younger. And yet… relationships and romantic attachments remain an important yearning in people’s lives. Having life companionship, easing those lonely feelings, traveling companions, shared interests and the expansion of another in one’s life gives possibilities and opportunities that can make the saying, “two are better than one” ring true.

DatingThis site will present some information on how to get ready to date. This process will take you through various articles and exercises to lead you in a journey of becoming a more ideal partner. You will also discover what baggage you may have that is leftover from your past life challenges, and the mistakes that were made in terms of negative relationship patterns, in an effort to avoid repeating the same mistakes. The articles will also build on learnings that will help you know how to navigate the new dating scene, including online dating. Finally, for those who are seeking long term relationships, proven relationship skills will be presented to help you make your ‘happily ever after’ dreams become clear and true. Go forth and be wonderful!

Being with you in your quest for meaningful relationships,

Lynda Chalmers

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” — Carl Jung


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