Although I have an Internet presence, do my writing on a computer and would not know how to function without one now, I am not really fond of the computer and tend to use it as a tool only. Often my web master will write me emails and put an acronym at the end of the email such as LOL. I try to guess what that might mean… lots of luck? And I am most often wrong! That actually means laughing out loud! I have now joined the crowd and am finally learning a few keystrokes for symbols and emoticons. You can continue to write all the words out if you would like, or you too can use some of the following acronyms.


ADBB – all done bye bye

ATST – at the same time

b/c – because

B4 – before

B4N – bye for now

BF – best friend or boyfriend

BRB – be right back

BTW – by the way

BTDT – been there done that

CYL – see you later

FWIW – for what its worth

TG – got to go

ILY – I love you

IMHO – in my humble opinion

JC – just checking

JK – just kidding

JW – just wondering

KWIM – know what I mean?

LMIRL – let’s meet in real life

LOL – laughing out loud

LOLA – laughing out loud again

LTNC – long time no see

LYL – love ya lots

MYOB – mind your own business

NM – never mind or nothing much

NTK – nice to know you

NUFF – enough said

OIC – oh, I see!

OMG – oh my gosh

RL – real life

RU – are yu?

ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing



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