Possible Tools for Use With the Getting Ready to Date Articles


Tools You'll NeedNotice that many of the articles in the getting-ready stage resemble a workbook. You will be reflecting and writing out your discoveries. I recommend that you purchase a journal that you will enjoy as you embark on this journey. If you love colour, go to your local art store and pick up some felt pens that will not bleed through your pages. You can use the family felts but this is important work and you may be disappointed with the results.

Your writing could be traditional as the instructions suggest, or you could use colours and shapes and mind maps to display what you are discovering. Get as many parts of you as possible involved in the process. This is about you discovering things about yourself that you do not already know or bringing forth  things that you already know into conciousness so they can be useful and important to your dating journey.

If you find that you are bumping up against issues or repeating patterns that you have tried to resolve before without success, find a relationship counsellor that can help you through your stuck points.

Above all – enjoy the journey!

© Lynda Chalmers 2011